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Formula Recommendations

Breastfeeding should always be considered first before formula feeding but there are instances where breastfeeding isn’t an option and formula must be used, or supplemented alongside breastfeeding. Many of the baby formulas sold in the United States have corn syrup as one of the main ingredients. This is not healthy and for that reason, we suggest ordering formula online from a few european companies. Europe has better farming practices; the ingredients used in infant formula can have no detectable levels of pesticide residue. This standard for pesticide levels is what we consider as organic. Infant formula also comes in stages: stage 1 (birth to 6 months), stage 2 (6+ months), and stage 3 (toddlers). As babies are quickly growing, their nutrition requirements are also rapidly changing. European formulas also are generally more conservative with additives and have a shorter ingredients list. The brands that we recommend are HiPP (from Germany, UK, or Dutch), Holle, and Lebenswert. HiPP utilizes biodynamic farming and the formula includes prebiotics, probiotics, and amino acids. Biodynamic farming is similar to organic farming, but also has a component of adding vitality to the livestock, plants, and soil. Holle is demeter certified. The demeter certification is a certification for biodynamic farming, similar to farms being certified organic in the US. Lebenswert utilizes biodynamic farming and is owned by Holle.

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