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Is It Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

Exercising while pregnant is safe for women who are healthy and do not have any pregnancy complications. Not only is it safe, there are also multiple benefits, including: easing back pain, reducing constipation, promoting healthy weight gain, and decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery. It is recommended that pregnant women exercise at a moderate intensity for 150 minutes per week. Some exercises that are safe during pregnancy are: walking, swimming/water workouts, stationary bicycling, and modified yoga and pilates. Some other physical activities can be done if you have experience, but it is important to contact your health care professional to discuss what is safe for you. There are some precautions to take while exercising while pregnant. It is important to drink enough water to avoid dehydration and overheating. It’s also important to not stand still or lay flat on your back for extended periods of time. Lying on your back can cause blood to return to the heart from the pressure of the uterus pressing on a large vein. Blood can pool in the legs and feet by standing still.

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