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So another change is in the works... after years of growth and expanding, Pier View has entered a new phase of being. Since the beginning, our slogan has been "Living Life in Balance" - something I have always strived for personally and work to inspire others to find for themselves.

Does balance even really exist? What I have come to learn for myself is that it does - but not in the way most perceive it to. I have found that balance is not necessarily equality. In fact, for me, it is very rarely equality. I used to think that balance in life was when all the things I cared about got equal time and attention... though I tried hard, this never really was the case. At least not for any reasonable amount of time. It wasn't sustainable.

Now, priorities shift and change over time. With this, does time and attention shift as well? I know for myself, that this has been true and I witness it in others all the time. This is normal. Still, with shift and change, can we find balance?

What I have learned as balance is less about juggling many balls, with one or two in my grasp and many in the air at once and more about building a foundation with the things that come easy, that support me and nourish my soul so that the things that need direct time and attention can be front and center, in my field of view, resting upon the foundation that has been laid before. I think of this like blocks that can be stacked and moved as needed. This, for me, has been much more stable and simple than the juggling act. In that, I do less... but have gone much deeper with where I am choosing to spend my time and energy.

How does this relate to an upcoming remodel???

I am excited to announce that Pier View is downsizing.

2 years ago, we were a team of 13. There was a lot of noise, energy, movement and excitement in the office at all times. It was, for me, a beautiful time and we were able to serve a lot of people! Most of my key team members have had babies (or are getting ready to) and moving on to different phases and stages in their own lives. First Allison, then Megan, then Dr. Jess... even Dr. Chelsea had a little one this last year. Soon Talia will be bringing another little princess into the world. It is the most beautiful thing!

Sean went off to Chiropractic School. Dr. Chelsea started her own practice in Seattle focusing on pediatric and pregnancy care, her husband sold his practice and joined her and they are doing incredibly well. Dr. Jess is working on starting her practice in West Seattle in the gym that she and her husband coach BJJ. Dr. Megan will be moving to Italy with her hubby and baby girl. Dale has retired and moved East with his wife (so she can retire soon too) Jamie and Sasha are both teaching yoga, Pamela is building her life and business in Seattle, Ivy is buying a home and working toward her nursing degree, Mary started her own massage practice and Kathryn has been working hard with developing her metaphysical business while continuing with massage in Seattle. Kalia moved onto an opportunity that better supported her family and circumstances. Talia will be tending to her new little one with the help from Hero, her almost school ager and her soon to be husband, Jens. Taylor will be moving into an internship for a role that will provide great learning opportunities, challenges and growth in a competitive and interesting field... growth continues to happen.

As for us staying here... it is me, Rachael, Katie and Christopher. Rachael has begun teaching at the school where she graduated from 10 years earlier and she has been actively pursuing her love for music with a band that is playing locally and recording original music. Katie continues to add to her list of talents and passions with completing her Yoga teacher training, taking Thai Massage certification classes, learning Crystal healing modalities and soon to be taking on managing the massage division and delving more into business management. Christopher will continue to offer Reiki sessions as well as Life Activations and Meditation evenings while being more present for administrative support. We are adding a new team member next week - Ariel; a long time local that has just started a family of her own. She is passionate about health, spirituality and family. She will be taking on both Talia's and Taylor's roles and we are excited to have her join us! She may have her little bundle with her too - Sam. (we do love the babies around here).

With all of these changes and a lot of thought... I have decided to release half of the space that is currently Pier View. Although I have loved it... we simply don't need it. The complex would be better served having another business in there and it is less space, energy and stuff for me to manage. We will still have 2 massage rooms, 2 exam rooms, a metaphysical healing space and class space, the open adjusting area, a kids play area and front office... I may even consider bringing in another Chiropractor in the next few months.

This year marks 20 years of practice for me as a Chiropractor. I love the service and I have greatly loved the people that I have had the privilege to serve through Chiropractic. I have experienced many different practice styles over the years and have enjoyed being back in active solo practice while still being able to offer the ancient lineage metaphysical healing. In still seeking balance in my life, I have been on a mission to release attachment to all things that are beyond what I need and desire to fully function at the level and standard I hold for myself. I am excited for this change and look forward to simplifying the outside things so that I can go deeper with the inside things. This for me includes connection with each individual I encounter, more time and energy with my family, living by example in prioritizing my own self care so that I can continue to be in service to others from a place of vitality and enthusiasm.

Change can be uncomfortable. Discomfort is often where we grow the most.

We will remain open during the majority of the remodel - though we will be moved around a bit for a short period of time. Please bear with us until the dust settles!! (Literally and figuratively.)

I am a person deeply driven by my commitment to elevate the human experience. All of the changes that I make seek to meet that commitment. If there are ways that I can support you and or improve your experience with us, please do let me know!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Genie

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