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  • Dr. Genie Markwell, CCWP

Sharing my Spirit- rainy day thoughts

Many of you know that I have been on a journey of deep exploration with spirituality. I have sought to know myself from a place of ultimate truth, integrity and authenticity to find and create more joy and fulfillment in my life as well as to provide a higher level of service to those that I have the privilege of working with (this includes my family, my office team, our patients, our community, my colleagues, my friends and acquaintances and so on...). I had identified for myself some years ago that I am a person deeply driven by my commitment to elevate the human experience. This thought has been the foundation of pretty much every decision that I have made in all aspects of my life for, at least, the last 5 years.

I have spent a great deal of time these past 2 years in meditation - looking for insights and listening for answers to some of life's questions. In prayer asking for guidance, forgiveness, healing, love, grace, compassion, patience, strength...just to name a few things- for myself and others. I have also diligently worked to create habits that support my body, mind and spirit. In this deepening of my own self care... relationships have taken new shape, personally, professionally and also in relation to things in my life (food, activities, choices I make and how I feel about it all).

A newer question that I have asked myself in times where the road can take me in one direction or another is this... "Does this bring me closer to God?" Now, I have not been one to subscribe to organized religion for any length of time, however, I have always been a seeker of truth in this regard and felt a connection to something greater than myself, something not conceptually understood, something seemingly magickal and surely powerful. In my more recent exploration, I have stumbled upon a path that has illuminated how this connection relates to me, where it shows up in my life and how beautiful things can be when I trust fully in the presence of this.

I have felt like all the details and happenings of my life have prepared me for where I am standing now. Even in the grey and gloom of this day... things seem really clear.

As a Chiropractor - I have always loved the "work" - truly, for me, it has never felt like work. The primary focus of Chiropractic is to "connect man the physical to man the spiritual" by releasing any interference to the nervous system, the master controller of the physical body. In doing this, we as individuals can fully harness the power of our innate intelligence - allowing our bodies to work better and heal faster. I have had the honor of witnessing miracles within this service for years.

As a teacher, to share knowledge, to pass along wisdom and inspire others to take action is one of the greatest joys I have lived. Seeing others light up and create for themselves, their families, their communities in new ways and with enthusiasm is such a gift.

As a mother, I have seen how love and compassion can enliven a soul, strengthen spirit, and shape a life. The idea that 2 seeds can come together and in a matter of countable days, without thought or direction, a new life can emerge from the womb, take a breathe and start on their own journey here in the physical is simply amazing. It has been really inspiring to witness our three team members throughout their pregnancies so far... to conceptualize that they are participating in the ultimate form of creation... the love, the energy, the emotion that resides within and outside of the experience of pregnancy, to me, is one of the most connected and spiritual experiences possible. Just being witness to this has empowered me to create in new ways and with a raised ceiling.

As a metaphysical healer, "miracles" are the norm. Seeing the unseen, knowing the unspoken, feeling what's beneath the surface. Change, adaptation, growth and progress are common parts of being a conscious creator. Accepting that you and I are divine spiritual beings living a physical experience is something that has opened me to a new level of love and compassion. In all of that...from the depths of myself, I see reflections of others and in the expression of others, I see myself. No better, no worse - just human BE-ings needing, wanting and desiring fulfillment in life. That may look different to different people but the sentiment is the same. How it is expressed may be very different as well. Stripped down and simply, at the core, I believe that we are the same. We are all designed by the same innate intelligence, the spark of the ultimate form of creation, born a pure connection of physical and spiritual, here with a purpose and a place in this world.

That thought and the actions I choose inspired by it - today, brings me closer to God.

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