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  • Dr. Megan Westbrook

Healthy Fats for Kids

Fat in the diet have been regarded as detrimental to our bodies for the longest time. However, fats are beneficial and necessary for proper function. Fats are essential in helping the brain and nervous system develop. They are also a great source of energy and they are easily stored. Other benefits of healthy fats include helping the body absorb vitamins, developing hormones, insulation of the nervous tissues, and making our bodies feel full so we don’t overeat.

If you are trying to find different ways to get healthy fats in your child’s diet, there are several different foods to try. Meat, fatty fish, eggs, and nuts are always a great source of healthy fat. Salmon, in particular, is excellent. Avocados are another fantastic and delicious way to obtain the proper type of fat. They are also easy to chew! When cooking other food, try using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil – these also are high in healthy fats.

Unlike previous popular belief, fats CAN be good for you and your child and should be acquired in the diet. Try out a new dish this week that includes some of these healthy fats!

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