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  • Dr. Genie Markwell

Chlorophyll - a super nutrient

At this point, most everyone has heard that eating vegetables is a good idea, especially leafy green veggies that are dark and deep in color. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that gives these vegetables their color and is a major part of the chemistry around plant life. Specifically, with photosynthesis. For many, getting in a regular amount of leafy greens or dark, rich colored vegetables is a challenge in our quick fix, grab and go, no time to prepare, culture. Often, I will hear about how kids and husbands just don’t want to eat their veggies… That is why we are sharing some of the benefits of chlorophyll in food or as a supplement.

Helps with Cleansing and Detoxification:

Sasha recently shared about this in our Year to Get Clear – Living a Detoxified Lifestyle class. She spoke about the importance of having an oxygen rich, alkaline inner terrain. Environmental toxins and pollutants such as heavy metals and small particulates can be very damaging to our health. Chlorophyll binds with toxic metals to deter absorption. It promotes the release of liver detoxifying enzymes. It has also been shown to reduce body odors through neutralizing wastes formed by the digestive process in the intestines. This helps to reduces what we eliminate through gas, reduces constipation and what we emit through the largest organ in our body… the skin. The elemental make-up of Chlorophyll is remarkably similar to human blood… and why wouldn’t it be? It is the “blood” of plants.

An Antioxidant in Action:

Chlorophyll has been called a superfood because of its nutritional make up and potent antioxidant properties. It protects cells from oxidative damage by eliminating free radicals. Oxidation is the process of cellular degeneration caused by loss of electrons through the interaction of oxygen molecules within a molecule, an atom or ion. The antioxidant then acts as an electron donor stabilizing the substance. This process supports tissue repair & healing.

Helps Control Hunger and Promotes Weight Loss:

It has been found that adding chlorophyll as a supplement suppressed hunger and increased the secretion of a hormone called CCK, which helps to metabolize protein and fat. Other studies have reported reduced hunger following the meals containing chlorophyll and blood tests showed more stable blood sugar levels.

Possible Cancer Prevention:

Preliminary research has shown that chlorophyll can help to mitigate the oxidative stress from cancer-causing chemicals and radiation. In these early studies, they are finding that liquid chlorophyll binds to carcinogenic molecules produced from daily exposure to tobacco smoke, grilling meats and aflatoxin produced from molds in foods (peanuts being a common source of aflatoxin). Chlorophyll forms a complex with the carcinogens that your body cannot easily absorb, so instead, your body eliminates these complexes through your very own natural waste management system (Big potty), helping to cleanse the colon and also prevent cancer.

There are more benefits as well... these are some that I find important and helpful. I have been supplementing chlorophyll for a couple of years now and have noticed the benefits in my energy levels throughout the day, my healing response time following heavy physical activity and I appreciate the cancer prevention possibilities and general detox support.

We carry Standard Process's Chlorophyll in the office for those of you that would like to add it to your health regiment. I invite you to do some of your own seeking to decide if chlorophyll is right for you and comparing other brands to assess the value for the investment.

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