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Connecting the dots...

It’s a new year and being a change agent…I have made some recent changes and updates to accommodate the requests we have received by those of you that have provided some feedback! (Which we greatly appreciate).

For starters, we have this new blog…

Being new to blogging, I would like to ask for your patience and understanding as we play around in sharing info until we find a flow and our true voice through writing. Our intention with this is to share tips and tricks in regard to health, fitness, nutrition, stress reduction and management, parenting, kid stuff and more, as well as share stories and testimonials from around the office and around our South Sound Community.

We have expanded our hours!

We now offer Friday afternoon hours with Dr. Megan adjusting as well as Saturday morning hours every week with Dr. Megan, Dr. Genie and/or Dr. Jess. Our Saturday hours will remain 9 – 11 am.

We have made some updates with our accounting Software:

We have heard your concerns and confusion with our printed statements and have updated to a system that now combines all family members on one statement. This new format is much clearer and easier to understand. As always, if you have case specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact the office to set up a time to chat with or meet with Talia, our Accounts Management Specialist.

Our Massage Division has added some new modalities:

Mary is now offering Thai Yoga Massage! In Hannah’s moving forward on her journey and this modality being so popular, Mary stepped in to the training to provide this service with her own flavor. She will be opening her schedule up in February to include the Thai Massage as well as her other specialties that include Reiki, Jin Shin Do and of course, the more traditional massage techniques.

Rachael is now offering private and group sessions with E.F.T. or Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique is very beneficial in reducing stress and relieving old patterns of being or behavior that don’t support us reaching our full potential. Rachael also offers a full spectrum of massage techniques to address injuries, aches and relaxation and mobility.

Kathryn is offering an expanded schedule to include medical massage – this style of massage incorporates some seated chair work, active stretching, passive and active release techniques. She also does some metaphysical work which aids in creating physiological and neurological shifts in patterns of movement and behavior.

We have another Nutritionist joing our team!

Pamela Hallen is a S. South native that will be joining our team to provide consistent support around Integrative Nutrition. More about Pamela will follow soon!! She will be available for one on one consultations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays starting next week. She can also provide phone support for those that have hectic schedules :)

Beyond Chiropractic:

I have added office hours 2 ½ days per week to provide some alternative and metaphysical modalities toward healing and stress reduction that include Life Activation (DNA repair), Full Spirit Activation (works with the pituitary & pineal glands and the hypothalamus), meditation (multiple styles), crystal and aura healing work, Hermetic Soul Retrieval, Infrared Laser therapy, Meridian work and more. Feel free to set up a complimentary consultation if you would like to know more about any of these. (There will be information about some of these different modalities included in future blog posts).

We now offer an assortment of essential oils, organic skin care products and additional nutritional supports to meet the needs and requests that you have voiced.

There are many things that have not changed…

Our office takes pride in always being thorough and taking time to address the needs and concerns of each person to the best of our ability.

We generally maintain a fun and stress free environment for you to come enjoy during your time with us and we encourage participation in the fun… (ie. Wacky Wednesday themed dress up days)

Our kid’s room is kept clean and with the train table, new toys and coloring options for your young ones to enjoy while you are getting adjusted and while they are waiting for their adjustments.

Our team is here to support you and your family toward meeting your goals in health and lifestyle in the most efficient way possible, always ready to answer your questions and offer solutions.

Looking forward to sharing in this year’s journey with all of you!

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