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Living Life in Balance Blog

March 6, 2016

 We are all familiar with that "gut feeling" and the push from within that urges for action in one direction or another. Though more current science indicates that there is explanation and validity to this sensation, most speak of it as purely esotheric or at best, a psuedoscience. I question... How often do you honor those little urges or feelings? What happens, more often than not, when you don't listen and chose with logic alone? Those situations usually end less than optimally with self talk saying... "I KNEW it!"

Our bodies have an amazing ability to communicate without words. Here are some ways that you can tune in to and learn to trust your innate -  that inner guidance: 

"Your Intuition is a muscle, to develop it, you must listen" ~Phil Good 

Meditation: Meditation and other practices of mindfullness can help you to gain clarity in things, work through problems, heal old wounds or come up with ideas around what's next and how to get there. This is a key way to access our...

February 2, 2016


Looking into part 3 of this series... the "M" can be looked at from a few different perspectives. 


Mental Attitude:

This is an area that is often overlooked in the health conversation, however, our mind has a huge impact on our health. Our body doesn’t know the difference between a negative body thought and physical trauma. From a neurological perspective – they run on the same pathway. Instead of thinking you are having a bad hair day, you might as well smack yourself and go on with your day. Do you remember the commercial that had a stick figure man walking under the cloud and they said… “depression hurts”? Well, truly – it does, or at the very least, it can. There are neurotransmitters released with negative thoughts that create a response in the body leading to hypersensitivity to touch, joint achiness and more. Just as a negative thought can have a negative body response, a positive thought can create a positive body response. The brain doesn't recognize the difference between som...

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Current Schedule:  

Dr. Genie will be adjusting 

Monday 10AM - 1PM

& Thursday: 9AM - 7PM

Massage and Nutrition is available Mon - Sat by appointment

Dr. Genie is adjusting M, TH & Sat unless out of town for training!

She is in providing metaphysical services on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends by appointment . 

She will be out of the office

DEC 24-26TH - Happy Holidays!!



Saturday Adjusting:



DEC 7TH & 21ST


Dr. Coke is in the office on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Carol Longacre is hosting group REIKI sessions the 1ST & 3RD Friday's of the month 7 - 8:30PM

*EMPOWER THYSELF class & initiation: Illume Innate

DEC 28-29TH


DEC 9TH: 7 - 8:30PM

*CHI & Chocolate: Illume Innate

DEC 8TH: 10AM 

Movement Meditation

*24 HOUR RESET: A weekend intensive for body, mind and spirit


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January 31, 2017

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