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Living Life in Balance Blog

August 30, 2016

It’s here! The first day of school is right around the corner. Parents and kids, alike, are excited to start the year off right. Everyone has a different school aspect they’re most excited about, but one of my favorite things to do growing up was go school supply shopping – the pens, binders, erasers, and most of all, backpacks! Backpacks are a great way of toting all of the awesome notebooks you just bought, but they can also get to the point where they may not be safe or healthy once all the schoolbooks are added. Improper use of a backpack can ultimately lead to shoulder, neck, and back pain in kids.

There are several ways to help make sure your kid’s backpack is being carried properly. Here are just a few tips:

  1. The weight of the pack should be no more than 10-15% of the child’s body weight. If your child is 80 pounds, the pack shouldn’t be heavier than 12 pounds!

  2. Make sure the backpack is being worn on BOTH shoulders. As cool as the one-shoulder carry may have been in the 90...

August 9, 2016

As a former picky eater, I know how hard it can be to get children to eat their vegetables. It can be frustrating, annoying, and downright maddening. You want your children to be healthy and grow up strong, but how can they do that if they refuse everything you put on a plate for them? I’m going to give you a few tricks to help get your little one to eat the good stuff.

  1. Follow the leader – make sure you’re setting an example for your children by eating healthy, yourself. If they see you doing it, they’re going to want to do it, too!

  2. Teamwork – involve your kids in the food-making process. From going to the store or farmer’s market to cleaning the vegetables, let them help! It will almost always get them to eat what they’ve helped make.

  3. Fun times – food is fun! Kids are constantly trying to have fun, so why should dinner time be any different? Arrange the food in a fun shape like a smiley face or star. Have them play make believe like their broccoli florets are a forest!

  4. ...

July 12, 2016

They’re everywhere - computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones! Screens are taking over our children’s lives. Not only are we using them more at home, but schools are teaching our kids how to use computers as early as age 3. There are many benefits to these technological advances, but what are some of the cons? There are several things to keep in mind when showing your little one how to use Netflix.

First of all, make sure you keep an eye on their posture. This can be difficult for young ones. They’re always moving around and usually lying in awkward positions. Do your best, though! Bad posture can lead to problems with the spine, poor circulation, and pain in muscles and joints.

Excessive screen time can lead to obesity. This is a hot topic and a huge issue we’re facing in the United States. More time in front of a screen leads to inactivity and possible snacking. Keep an eye on the time your child spends in front of the iPad and make sure they’re getting enough active play time.


July 5, 2016

Summer is here and the kids are out of school! So much stuff is going on – sports camps, family vacations, and going on camping trips. When I was a kid, I was always most excited about staying up late at night and sleeping in the next morning. I’m sure many other kids feel the same way. Even though we all do this, it’s important that sleep be taken seriously, especially in childhood. Sleep is the main way children develop physically and mentally. The younger the child, the more important it is!

Our circadian rhythm, or the sleep-wake cycle, is regulated by light times and dark times. When the sun sets and the sky becomes dark, a hormone called melatonin is signaled that aids in the sleep cycle. This cycle usually doesn’t fully form until 3-6 months old. This explains why newborns have such a sporadic sleep cycle! It may be crazy to think that a child will spend 40% of his or her childhood asleep!

It can be difficult to tell when a child is not getting enough sleep. Signs that kids are ti...

June 21, 2016

In the post-World War II era, breastfeeding was seen as primitive, subhuman, and uncivilized. Not only breastfeeding, but even an all-milk diet was considered archaic. The general idea was to get infants on solid foods as soon as possible. A medical philosopher by the name of Levin deemed fluid diets as obsolete and that the use of solids “illustrates the truism that babies are human.”

In the past few years, breastfeeding has come back around and is now considered important again. People are realizing how critical it is for the baby’s development and immunity. However, there are still some of us that want to introduce foods and solids earlier that we should.  It’s convenient, right? Well, not exactly. Introduction of solid foods too soon can create problems for our little one later in life such as obesity, celiac disease, diabetes, and eczema. This introduction occurs most frequently in formula-fed babies as opposed to breastfed babies.

A lot of women choose to give the little one solids...

June 14, 2016

There is a widespread belief that chiropractors are only meant to work with back or neck pain. This is so far beyond the truth! Chiropractors are doctors that focus on the function of the spine and nervous system. If someone is not in pain, it doesn’t exclude them from being a great candidate for chiropractic care. There are so many benefits to being adjusted. If you are newly pregnant or even in the second or third trimester, chiropractic care can do so much for you!

First of all, YES, it is safe for pregnancy. There are no contraindications to being adjusted while pregnant. Most chiropractors even have tables that allow a pregnant woman to lie face down!

Some of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include an improvement in posture, reducing tension and pain, more energy, and improved digestive and immune system function.  These benefits help tremendously with some of the changes women experience during pregnancy such as a tilted pelvis, modified gait, increased fatigue,...

June 7, 2016

Now that the sun is shining and summer is almost here, a topic to go over is how much outdoor playtime is necessary for kids. Nowadays, it’s tough to pull a child away from a TV, an iPad, a computer, or a phone. A recent study has shown that kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend around 7 hours PER DAY in front of a screen.  The value of outdoor play includes not only physical benefits, but mental, as well!

The CDC recommends one hour per day of play, mainly for physical benefits: burn calories, tone muscles, and mange weight. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that one hour of play per day can help a child unwind, relax and be creative. This creative type of play is good for mental and social development. Even 30 minutes a day outside can help create awareness around nature and the outdoors, making children more inclined to be conservation-minded.  Researchers at the University of Illinois have shown that outdoor time can also help children with attention deficit hyperactivity...

May 31, 2016

Only a couple generations ago, women were being x-rayed while pregnant. At that time, it was considered protocol and a safe way to monitor pregnancy. Decades pass and the FDA pronounce x-rays to be unsafe and the new way to track a woman’s pregnancy is through an ultrasound. We’ve all seen the pictures. They’ve been proudly posted on the fridge and online. You can even get a 3-D version of these pictures now! But how safe are ultrasounds, really? It was only a short time ago that x-rays were considered safe during pregnancy. Is it only a matter of time before this is renounced, as well?

The first question on most peoples’ minds would be:  has there been research? Studies on ultrasound mostly ended in the 1980s, and animal studies have been dismissed. However, scientists in China have known the harmful effects of ultrasound since the 80’s. A large study involving 100 scientists and 2700 pregnant women determined that even a very low exposure of ultrasound can be detrimental to the human...

May 26, 2016

Fat in the diet have been regarded as detrimental to our bodies for the longest time.  However, fats are beneficial and necessary for proper function. Fats are essential in helping the brain and nervous system develop. They are also a great source of energy and they are easily stored.  Other benefits of healthy fats include helping the body absorb vitamins, developing hormones, insulation of the nervous tissues, and making our bodies feel full so we don’t overeat.  


If you are trying to find different ways to get healthy fats in your child’s diet, there are several different foods to try. Meat, fatty fish, eggs, and nuts are always a great source of healthy fat. Salmon, in particular, is excellent. Avocados are another fantastic and delicious way to obtain the proper type of fat. They are also easy to chew!  When cooking other food, try using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil – these also are high in healthy fats. 



April 7, 2016

Let’s face it – you probably have something labeled “antibacterial” somewhere in your home.  Whether it be hand soap or surface spray, we’ve all bought something that is supposed to battle those pesky bacteria that are so “terrible” for us and our families. However, there have been numerous claims that show these antibacterial solutions aren’t really that great for us.


First of all, it has been shown that antibacterial soaps are no better than conventional soaps. Countless studies have revealed that these products have no health benefit as opposed to regular soap and water.


Another reason to toss the antibacterial products is that the bugs most people are commonly worried about are the flu and colds. These are viruses and will not be affected by antibacterial products at all.


Lastly, the main antibacterial ingredient in most of these products is triclosan. Triclosan was originally used to clean hospital floors. Some bugs have been shown to adapt to this compound and develop cross-resis...

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