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Get to Know Us

Dr. Genie Markwell, D.C., C.C.W.P.
Life Activation Practitioner, 
Hermetic Healer, Spiritual Guide & Teacher

Dr. Genie is one of the few, specialized Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioners who serve in the state of Washington! Under her supervision and care, practice members report higher functioning in all areas of their lives. 


Dr. Genie has competed as a national level fitness competitor. Her own fitness journey has driven her to integrate nutrition and fitness into the practice to assist others who want to lose weight, improve their performance abilities, increase their energy levels or overcome physical or mental obstacles. Her desire to help people with integrative care led her to the deeper teachings and healing modalities of the Modern Mystery School and within the ancient lineage of King Salomon. These modalities are designed to empower each individual along their own path to overcome stress, stuck patterns, apathy, addiction, (perscription or recreational) pain and more. 


Dr. Genie and her family receive chiropractic care and massage therapy on a regular basis along with other practices that promote a healthy lifestyle including: regular exercise, eating a well-balanced whole foods diet, meditation, plenty of outdoor activities and family fun time!


Dr. Genie enjoys being active in the community and she supports the following:




~Doctorate of Chiropractic, Graduate of Life University, College of Chiropractic,  Marietta, Georgia

~Pre-Med prep, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI 

Certifications and Specializations Include:


  • Pre-natal & Pediatric Care

    • Webster Certified​

    • Labor & Delivery Doula 

  • Neuro-immunology, an advanced look at epigenetics and stress through the chiropractic paradigm

  • Functional Medicine/Nutrition

  • SHINE Certified doctor, (Special Help Integrating Neurological Experiences)

  • Certified Teacher, Life Activation Practitioner, Hermetic & Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Guide & Magus Hermeticus in the lineage of King Salomon

Affiliated Independent Massage Therapist Team
Larissa Sande, LMT 

Larissa started as a patient at Pier View and liked the family feel. Before moving to Washington from Colorado, she spent her days as a Licensed Massage Therapist (18 years!!) and put her love of dogs to work with a side gig of walking them. She has a heart for service, loves people and pups, living a healthy lifestyle and experiencing new things in the world of health & wellness. 

You can also find her down at the Quarterdeck in Des Moines. Marina life suits her well and the conversations over coffee, beer & wine never get old as she learns more about and adds to south sound local life. 
Her presence here with Pier View provides an experience of clear communication steeped in a high level of care so that each person can receive the level of care that they desire and need to move them toward their goals! 
Contact Info: (720) 290-6647
Christopher Bartella, Healing Practitioner

Christopher is an Ensofic Reiki Practitioner, Life Activation Practitioner and Crystal Healer and reader. He is also well versed in Nutrition Response Testing is working toward certification in Thai Yoga Massage and supports the office admin team.


He has spent many years dedicated to guiding people toward their version of a better life through coaching, nutrition and health management as well as through upgrading their environment with his work in Real Estate and Insurance.


 He utilizes the beautiful energy in these ancient modalities to help others ease the stresses of modern day life and move through challenges physically, chemically and/or emotionally so that they can achieve their goals in health and in life. 

 Contact info: (206) 565-9433

Sarah Conner, LMT, Life Activation Practitioner

Sarah joined the Pier View team in the fall of 2020 and brings a great balance of technique and intuitive healing to each session. 

She has been practicing as an LMT for 7 years and enjoys bringing relief and relaxation into every session. Sarah is a natural healer with an intuitive nature and vitality for life and weaves both into her massages. 

Sarah is also a Life Activation Practitioner and enjoys music, community, dance and using power tools (as she is remodeling her home). She travels often and lives a super fun life and her energy is contagious! 

Contact info: (206) 618-0918

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